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Prince Multispeciality Dental Clinic

Prince Multispeciality Dental Clinic is a boon to people who look for advanced dental care at affordable treatment costs.

Prince Dental’s infrastructure includes the latest Dental Chairs with advanced facilities and modern sterilization equipment. Our commitment and dedication to medical care and our patients has made us grow to the heights that we are in now.

Our Treatments

The following are the major treatments that we provide at our Clinic. You can always come visit us with any dental problem or advice and we’ll take good care of you.


Complete Denture

Used for people who don’t have any teeth in the mouth.

There are different types of matieals used to make the CD.

Eg- acrylic, sunflex(unbreakable and allergic free)


  •  Dr. Anil Mathew
  •  Dr. Prince Urmese


Crown and Bridge

It is the covering of the tooth which is given for grossly decayed tooth and root canal treated tooth. Crown helps the tooth from fracture. There are many type of crown which is made up of different types of material

  •  Ceramic
  •  Porcera
  •  Lava
  •  Metal
  •  E max etc


  •  Dr. Anil Mathew
  •  Dr. Madhu
  •  Dr. Prince Urmese



Teeth correction



Dental impalnts are used to fix permnant teeth. It is one of the latest development in dentistry. Implant is used for fixing of teeth where there is no healthy teeth to get support from, It is an independent unit. Implants can be done on any pateient (irrespective of age)
There ar many company who are making implants in the market. Eg- adine, noble biocare etc

Procedures in implant:

  •  Implant placement- It is a surgical procedure in which we put the implant in the alveolar bone where we need the tooth
  •  Prosthetic part:-we fix the artificail tooth on to the implant


  •  It’s a life time treatment


  •  Dr. Jaibin


Laser Dentistry

Laser is used in many aspects in dentistry


  •  In perio treatment(gum disease)
  •  De pigmentation of gums
  •  Bleeching
  •  To treat oral ulcers etc
  •  Treatment for TMJ Pain (Limited mouth opening)
  •  Bloodless Laser Dental Treatment


  •  Dr. Mahesh Narayanan
  •  Dr. Prince Urmese


Removable Partial Denture

It is teeth which is removable. There are different types materials used for RPD.

  •  Cast partial denture- made of metal like titanium and acrylic
  •  Acrylic –made fully of acrylic
  •  Semi rigid- made of sunflex material


  •  Less expensive than FPD
  •  Can Use with minimum supportive teeth


  •  Should remove and wash after each and every meal
  •  Might not be tight fit


  •  Dr. Anil Mathew
  •  Dr. Prince Urmese


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment It is the cleaning of tooth till the apex of the tooth in which the carries involves the pulp. It is done in tooth with pain or abcess which cannot be filled normally. RCT can be done in single or multiple sitting according to the condition of the tooth


  •  Can save the tooth(lifelong)


  •  Dr. Madhu Hariharan
  •  Dr. Prince Urmese

Other Treatments

At Prince Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we provide wholesome care and services for all kinds of dental troubles and issues. Do go through our list of services to seek what problem you are looking to resolve.

Teeth Whitening

Surgical Tooth Removal


Pediatric Dentistry

Tooth Colour Filling

Why Choose Us?

We keep ourselves updated with the latest in dental care and makes sure that our patients get the best facilities available.

We make sure that every person seeking our help is treated with utmost care and their issues are resolved hassle-free.

Our doctors and staff possess years of professional experience in the dental care industry. Trust us, you’re in good hands at Prince.

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